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Check Website for Malware for an Advanced Fast Tool

Your customers want to make sure that using your website is safe, aren’t they? Your responsibility is to protect them from all the dangerous viruses, phishing malware and other undesirable threats. These threats can lead to sad consequences connected with cheating, stealing private information, and even financial affairs.

You can perform a deep check for malware with the help of our special tool. It is easy and fast to use it, so you won’t have to launch the antivirus programs or install anything. Do it online for free on this resource and save your precious time!

How to get a malware domain list?

This tool is designed as an online scanner that checks the websites of your interest and display the report about the level of safety they have. You can check a site for:

  • Suspicious scripts
  • Security dangers
  • Malicious materials

You will not only see whether the website has some dangerous content. In addition to this, you will receive a full list of the pages that have been detected as affected ones. The level of danger will also be shown to you in every single case. Therefore, you will have a full report about all the elements that bring any type of harm to your customers’ (or your own) computer and personal data.

There is no need for a registration or download – the website can be used as an online tool absolutely for free at any time you may need it. Just provide the link you would like to analyze and push the button. Everything else will be done for you by an app: it will scan the mentioned site for malware in a matter of seconds. As you can see, malware check can be faster and easier than you thought!

Why is it so crucial to ensure that a site is safe?

When you check site for malware regularly, you keep your resource safe and therefore – trusted. Remember that your customers expect that you can take care about their privacy and safety, so you should take this responsibility and reassure that there are no threats on your service.

 Sometimes, website owners find out that their sites have been attacked by hackers or cheaters only after they receive complaints from their clients. In fact, this is not your mistake and there is nobody to blame except the cheaters. However, nothing can spoil a reputation of a good service harder than a problem with viruses and stolen accounts. Don’t forget about your own safety, too. First, never open the attachments from the unknown email addresses. Second, check suspicious websites before visiting them. Be ten times smarter and faster than any hackers and check URL for malware right now!

Website safety is extremely important for your business. Save your clients and yourself from any unpleasant surprises with the help of this online application we have created for you. As we have already mentioned, it is free and simple! The number of available checks is unlimited, so start right now and ensure the highest level of safety!