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Reverse Domain Lookup Tool: Find an IP Address of a Site in a Second

There is an individual IP address for every web resource. This address serves to let Google and other engines locate a site in a proper way. Also, there is another type of IP addresses. Every computer and smartphone has such an address as well. Every address of this kind is presented in a form of numbers. The set can include characters from zero to 255, which are separated by dots like this: 345.12.3.554.

IP addresses exist from the first days of the Internet. Without this type of designation, the world web would never develop to the gigantic size it has now. If you are an owner of a website, you have an opportunity to get yourself a fixed IP and this address won’t change during its life time. There is also a changeable IP address which is different from a fixed one. It is known as dynamic address and changes every time an internet service user connects to the web. There is a pool of different addresses available and the Internet provider assigns the one that is free at the moment. It means that these are temporary addresses that are in a constant change between one another.

When you buy a dynamic address for your web resource, its name is stored along with the other addresses on the web. A web resource that appears in this list becomes visible to the users. With the help of this reverse website lookup tool, you can view your own address or an address of any other website.

Why should you use this application?

Like any other owner of a site, you are more likely to know the IP of it. However, if you have a dynamic one, you may want to be aware of the other domains that receive the same IP from time to time. It is obvious that you need a sophisticated reverse IP domain check to receive a full pack of them.

A provided app will assist you become aware of the pages you would like to check and it doesn’t need more than a couple of seconds to do so. It is absolutely crucial since dynamic IP addresses sometimes make it difficult for users to find your site online. If your customers have ever complained that there are some errors on your web page or that they have difficulties with entering it, you should perform a search by means of this tool.

The websites that share the same address as yours might be active or not. Check them out to see whether it is the problem of your particular site or a general one. If you find out that other sites are working fine, then the problem is connected with your own one. So you will need to check it and fix the issue.

How to use it?

Visit this page to perform an accurate and fast search. All you need is to enter the domain name to the required field and wait for a moment to get the results. Adding just a domain name is enough – the tool doesn’t require you to copy and paste your IP. It is advanced enough to find the sites by the domains and show you the full list. You may click every link in the list to check if the resources are active.

You will find out which sites are using the same address. Also, you can check the website of your competitors to learn whether they use a dynamic or static IP and how many sites share the IP in their case. Make sure that you use this and other tools presented on our website for the fullest analysis possible!

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