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Incredible features and benefits of the domain authority checker

The number of websites on the internet is really mind-boggling. According to surveys, conducted in January 2018, there are over 1.8 billion websites in the world. A lot of them are extremely popular and can boast of huge traffic while others have almost no visitors. So, the question is what to do if you want your website to be at the highest possible level in a rating system? Your website should just get a high domain authority that in no case should be confused with page authority. PA indicates the ranking potential of a web page while DA points out the ranking potential of a website or even an entire domain.

Domain authority can be affected by numerous factors such as the quality of the links, website structure, website speed, domain age, user experience, site loading time, etc. In fact, there are over 100 of them! And only imagine that your website must correspond to all these requirements to remain on the top.

But what tool is the most reliable to use when it comes to the check of the state of your website? We can tell you without any hesitation that it is da checker whose reliability and impeccable quality is tested by a great number of users. What is more, you won`t spend a single dime of your own money because this program is completely free of charge.

With the use of such instant and meticulous domain authority check, which will provide you with all essential information on how strong your website is, you will be able to compare your site with similar ones in your area, determine who your competitors are and how exactly they are playing, define what other strategies to use to go for more quality backlinks, and how to make your SEO more effective.

Moz domain authority checker – your best assistant ever

Besides just showing the domain authority of your website, moz da checker will also give an account of such things as IP location, IP address, Moz rank, and page authority. You can check domain authority of any website that you want. There are no exceptions. But the most useful feature is that you are allowed to check up to 50 domain names at one time.

This tool is a true no-brainer. All you have to do is to enter the URLs and click on the “Check Authority” button. That is all! After this simple procedure, you will know for sure whether your website needs significant improvements or no. But if you don`t want to be disappointed with the results of the domain authority check, you should take this advice into consideration:

  1. The content of your website should be useful, interesting, and valuable to the audience. It should have an engaging headline and be divided into chunks if you want your users to keep reading it.
  2. Write testimonials for other websites, link externally, comment on different posts, and build relationships in order to generate quality backlinks.
  3. Speed up your website by optimizing images, using a simpler website design, and enabling caching.