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The most important thing that should receive the most attention is your backlink profile. You should always bear in mind that SEO and backlinks can`t exist without each other. So, why are they so important?

  • Backlinks are used by Google spiders to find pages on your website;
  • Backlinks are used as Google`s reputation tool;
  • Backlinks drive traffic to your website;
  • Backlinks boost your credibility.

However, there`s one condition – they should be relevant and of high quality. But how to find out whether everything`s okay with your backlink profile? A reliable website link checker is exactly what you need. By just entering your URL, you will be able to get a detailed backlink report with all relevant metrics. And what is more important – the results will be delivered to you a mile a minute. It sounds like magic, isn`t it?

With this useful tool, you will also get a wonderful opportunity to check broken links that might definitely cause you problems. The thing is that broken links decrease the chances your website will show up in the search results. The most common causes of broken backlinks are linking to content that has been deleted and renaming your web pages without changing internal links. Our free broken link checker will prevent you from facing such problems as:

  • The loss of clients and customers;
  • Users` frustration and irritation;
  • People won`t be able to sign up;
  • Your brand will diminish;
  • Visitors will view your content in a negative light;
  • Your site will be less desirable;
  • Your search engine rankings will be negatively affected;
  • Your website traffic will lower;
  • Users` bad online experience;
  • Your conversion rates will be hurt.

Your SEO efforts won`t be useless if you take care of these backlink issues in due time. That`s why you should always have our dead link checker at hand.

Find broken links on website and tackle all site challenges with ease

With the use of backlink details our broken link finder provides, you can easily find ways for building higher quality link profile. You can prevent such errors as broken links that are no longer valid so that they won`t influence your SEO ranking. You can do it in one of two ways – either removing those links or replacing them with live ones.

You will also have a nice opportunity to analyze the link profile of any of your competitors in order to find out what successful strategies they use. We recommend you to use our trustworthy broken link checker since you will always know what backlinks are lost whether they should be reclaimed.

But what`s really impressive is that on the base of the information you receive, you are able to find all possible ways to start building links with influencer outreach. So, building beneficial relationships is also crucial when it comes to earning a valuable link. We are more than sure that our powerful checker will help you make your website a valuable resource for your visitors.